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Starting at a new school or going into a new academic year can be daunting to some young people. You might be meeting new people or the workload could be different.

You might be worried about:

  • Being bullied or not fitting in
  • Not knowing your way around
  • Getting on with teachers or staff
  • Change!

Starting a new school can be scary but there are things you can do to cope and help you feel positive.

Here are 4 things to remember:

  • Plan how you will get there. Will you walk, get this bus, ride your bicycle or get dropped off?
  • Pack everything you need.
  • Make notes about your timetable and homework.
  • Ask an adult you trust if you’re not sure. Or you can contact Childline Gibraltar. We are always here to listen to you! You can call us on 8008, message us on Whatsapp 58008288, contact us via Live Chat, or email us on

Tips for starting a new school

Ask questions

It can be scary when you don’t know who to talk to at school if you are worried. Teachers are there to help, but you can also ask teachers assistants, reception staff. Some schools will have a learning support assistant or other pupils who are there to support you. If you don’t feel comfortable asking for support at school, you can speak to your parents or carers, or to an adult you can trust.

Get to know people

If you’re starting at a new school on your own you might feel anxious or scared other people won’t like you. Or even that they might bully you. It can easily feel lonely when you don’t know anyone. But there are things to make it easier. Positive body language can really help when making friends i.e. smiling. It can take to make new friends. If you are worried about break or lunch times you could find out if you can use the library or a quiet room until you feel more confident.

Talk about it

Whether your first day was great or awful, it can help to talk about it. Saying what you found difficult can help you to think of ways to cope and help you to feel better.You could speak to your parents or carers, a friend or one of our great Childline volunteers.  You can call us on 8008, message us on Whatsapp 58008288, contact us via Live Chat, or email us on