• Helpline

    Our Helpline telephone number is 8008 and it is available everyday of the year between 5pm and 9pm. All calls are free. Children and young people can phone our Helpline to talk about ANY issue or problem they are facing.

  • Appropriate Adult

    When a minor is arrested an adult needs to be present. If the child does not have an adult who is able or willing to be there, a volunteer from Childline will step in at the request of the Royal Gibraltar Police.

  • Education Programme

    We have adopted a preventative strategy of education and awareness. Therefore, we work directly with parents/carers, local schools and youth organisations to increase awareness about issues affecting children and young people.

Gibraltar | A Very Big History About A Very Small Place

16 June, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

This great book, written by Robert Anes, is available at Imperial News Agency, Gibraltar Book Shop, READ MORE

Our new Licensed Facilitators of the “Time out for Parents” Positive Parenting courses

24 May, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

Childline is proud to announce that 12 people are now Licensed Facilitators of the "Time out for Pa READ MORE

Childline supports Children’s Mental Health Week 2017

17 May, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

Press release Childline Gibraltar is proud to support Children’s Mental Health Week 2017 (6-12 Feb READ MORE

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