Childline’s preventative educational strategy has developed in direct response to locally identified areas of need, especially those highlighted via our Helpline Services.

The aims of our programmes are:

  • To raise awareness about local issues affecting children, young people and their parents/care givers.
  • To provide evidence-based information with the aim of enabling and empowering people to make better informed choices and deal with specific issues before they escalate.
  • To work regularly with local schools and youth groups to deliver relevant, current workshops/programmes within the local community.

Our current programmes are:

Childline Well Being Champions

This trains young people in the five ways to well-being. Once they are trained, they will be appointed as ‘Childline Well-being Champions’ in their school/college.They will be supported to lead a project, which reaches out to their whole school/college community on how to promote wellbeing. The programme is adaptable for school, college and SEN use.

The pilot for this program was funding by Argus Insurance through their 70th Anniversary fund.


Heads Up!
These are a toolkit of sessions which promote healthy mental health and emotional well-being. They are delivered in small groups to facilitate discussions. We explore mental health and emotional wellbeing issues to develop resilience,…
Smart Moves
The overarching principle of this course is to equip children to deal with life challenges. Designed to help students with transitioning from middle school (year 6) to secondary school (year 7), as sometimes this transition can be stressful. Exploring thoughts and feelings throughout, as well as providing a useful long-term resource to refer back to in times of stress. It continues with year 7 students, helping them to learn how to cope when things are tough. A resourceful, practical programme which equips students with life-long resilience skills.
‘Express Your Emotions’
This is a fully fun and interactive workshop. Aimed to equip children to name and express their feelings/emotions through art. It creates a safe environment for sharing and reflecting on emotions. Art is a great way of expressing these emotions.