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Depression is a mental health issue that can have a big effect on your life. People sometimes say they’re feeling depressed when they’re having a bad day.

Depression or feeling low happens to lots of people. Anyone can suffer from depression and it affects people in different ways.

When you’re depressed it can seem like people around you don’t understand your feelings and you might feel alone, but talking to someone can really help you to feel better. And remember here at Childline Gibraltar we are always here to listen and support you.

Why do people feel sad or depressed?:

  • Bullying
  • Sexual abuse
  • Assault or physical abuse
  • Death or someone close to you
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Exam stress
  • Worries about sexuality

Many signs or symptoms of depression are just the same when you are feeling sad or down. If you keep having these symptoms for a prolonged period of time or if they get worse, you should talk to someone you trust about it and express how you feel.

Symptoms of depression:

  • Feeling sad or anxious most of the time
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Mood swings
  • Not wanting to see people or go out
  • No enjoying things you used to enjoy

It can seem like the hardest thing to do, but sometimes talking to someone about how you feel means you are starting to deal with your feelings.

You don’t have to keep everything to yourself. Speaking to someone you can trust is a great way to deal with your emotions. Our helpline listeners are always here to help, everyday 5-9pm. You can call us on 8008, you can message us on WhatsApp 58008288, Live chat or you can send us an email to