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Childline Gibraltar is available 365 days a year to respond to Helpline requests between the hours of 5-9pm. On top of this, we offer a 24/7/365 Appropriate Adult service, to support detained juveniles when their parent/guardian is unable (or unwilling) to attend the police/customs interview.

Thanks to your help, we were able to assist 387 service users in 2015/2016 –  an increase of 55.42% from the previous year. The people that reach out to us approach us for a wide variety of reasons. Last year, 130 young people contacted Childline Gibraltar about a mental health issue – a significant increase from previous years. 52% of these contacts were related to self harm.

Adults continue to make up around half the users of our Helpline Services. This year 49.87% of our service users were adults. The second largest group of service users are the 13-16 years old; this group accounts for 25.84% of all requests for services.

Our Appropriate Adult Service has also seen a large increase, of 48%, to 49 call-outs during 2015-16. Most call-outs continue to be between the hours of midnight and eight o’clock in the morning. The 16 year olds were by far the largest group that needed our assistance; we were called out to support them more than 30 times last year.

As part of our preventative strategy, we also works with the community to promote awareness about issues affecting young people. 2082 children and teenagers have attended one or more Educational Programmes from our Educational team in the last year.

You can find a full overview of all the numbers and more information about our educational programmes in our Annual report, which can be downloaded here.

Your continuous help means we can be there when the youth of Gibraltar reaches out to us. We hope that you will support us by donating or signing up to join our team of volunteers.