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Helpline Services

How do you contact Childline Gibraltar?

Freephone 8008 – you can call us every day between 5pm and 9pm
WhatsApp 58008288 – you can App us every day between 5pm and 9pm
Live Chat – you can chat with us every day between 5pm and 9pm via our website
Online – you can e-mail us on or use our anonymous submission form here

Our online Helpline services are kindly supported by GBC Open Day. Thanks to their generous annual donation we are able to offer our chat and email options to our service users.

Who can contact Childline Gibraltar?

Our trained Childline Counsellors are there for children, teenagers and adults every day of the year. Talking to Childline can be the first step that gets your life back on track. You can get help and support with any issue you’re going through, no matter how big or small.

Children and Teenagers
If you are feeling sad, lonely, under stress, misunderstood, unloved, scared, worried about things that are going on in your life or just needing to talk to someone you can contact Childline Gibraltar. We are here for you.

If you are an adult and you are worried about a child you know, please feel free to contact us. You can also contact us if you are a parent and you would like to discuss concerns about your children and you require parenting support. If you are an adult who have suffered abuse during their childhood, we are here to support you.

What happens when you contact our Helpline?

All contacts are received by specially trained Childline Counsellors:
– Who care about you
– Who will believe you
– Who will understand it takes a lot of courage to contact us
– Who you can trust
– Who will not judge you
– Who respects confidentiality – you do not need to give us your name or any details about yourself if you don’t want to.